Ethics, Compliance and Artificial Intelligence

Adam Balfour

by Adam Balfour

There is understandably a lot of discussion about the benefits and risks of AI, and what its impact will be on humans, society and humanity as a whole. Technology and AI are certainly going to be part of ethics and compliance programs going forward, and I view it more as “how to do we use effectively” rather than “should we use this.”

Sociologist, Dr. Sherry Turkle is, has made a number of comments on technology that really resonate with me and I view as relevant to how compliance programs will approach AI, including “I am not anti-technology, I am pro-conversation” and “I am less concerned about computers becoming human and more concerned about humans becoming like computers.”

Chatbots, AI and other technology have their place and use, but so does human to human conversation and interaction. Artificial and emotional intelligence are both needed to support today’s employees – I don’t think you can have one without the other. Technology such as Global Entry is great because I can skip the lines at immigration and don’t feel a need to speak with a person as part of the process, but there are other times when human needs are better served by connecting with another person.

How are other people introducing artificial intelligence into their programs while balancing this with emotional intelligence and maintaining a human focused approach?

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